Waiting time in a restaurant is one of the things that influences a customer’s experience the most. If the guest doesn’t have to wait too long in between ordering and getting their food, they’re rating of the restaurant will probably be higher. But also, less waiting time means higher turnover, which translates into higher sales. Therefore, streamlining workflow should be one of the main focuses for any restaurant manager.

We have worked hard to add tools and features on the Zoniz platform that will help restaurants create a more efficient workflow and reduce waiting time for customers.

Zoniz Waiter App

The first tool we introduced was Zoniz Waiter, a mobile app that can be used for each member of the staff to receive orders and requests from customers. With its help, waiters are able to receive notifications in real time. They also get everything written down so there are no more mistakes. The app is user friendly and the notifications are color coded. If there is a group order, the waiter can view all the products at once, but also very easily split the bill between all customers.

screenshots of Zoniz Waiter app
Screenshots from Zoniz Waiter app with order notifications

Restaurant zones

The waiters also have the option of choosing what notifications they get according to the area of the restaurant that they are working in. In order for this to be possible, we have created zones that the tables can be assigned to. The waiter can choose the zones that they want to receive notifications from, so they will only get the ones that are relevant to them.

Kitchen Display

Other members of the staff can also use Zoniz Waiter. When creating the menu, items can be assigned to different preparation areas. The kitchen staff or the bartenders can use the kitchen display option in the app to see only the items that they need to prepare. They appear in the app as notes. They can easily check items as they prepare them and hit the “done” button when they are ready. This will notify the waiter that the order is ready to be delivered.

Screenshots of Zoniz Waiter app and Kitchen display
Screenshots from Zoniz app settings and Kitchen display

By streamlining the workflow in the restaurant, the waiting time is significantly reduced, helping guests have a better overall experience. Furthermore, there are less staff generated errors regarding the orders, because the communication is clearer and more direct. All of these will help the restaurant get higher online ratings and word-of-mouth recommendations. The same staff can now handle more orders and table will leave room for new customers faster, which will ensure an increase in profit.

With the help of Zoniz, one restaurant doubled their number of orders and revenues after one year.