What do our clients say ?

Marian Porumb

Restaurant Owner

"With the help of Zoniz I succeeded in creating a wow experience for the customers and also, to discover an untapped market for new employees. Also, since I’ve been using Zoniz the orders and sales have increased and we have extended with a new location."


Damian Țegheni


"Zoniz improves our workflow and significantly reduces the waiting time of guests. Zoniz is a reliable waiter helper."


Anca Chifor

Zoniz User

"I like the idea of going to a place, sitting at the table and ordering directly, and when the waiter comes he will already bring the ordered products. I also like the fact that I can ask for the bill and pay through the app."


Why Zoniz ?

Simplify your restaurant operations with a solution designed by industry insiders.

Benefit from our hands-on experience in the industry, working closely with restaurant owners who truly grasp the challenges of the field.

Our deep understanding of what works in restaurants ensures a seamless experience for you.

Interfața aplicației Zoniz pe care angajatul o vede

A waiter holding a tablet

Minimize Mistakes and Elevate Your Dining Experience!

Transform your restaurant's dynamics with our integrated solution, enhancing accuracy and efficiency while significantly reducing order mistakes.

Customers’ orders with all their specific requirements are sent directly to preparation areas, eliminating any miscommunication.

Allow clients to order directly from their smartphones

Your clients can effortlessly place orders from their smartphones. Whether through our user-friendly iOS/Android app or their preferred browser, ordering has never been this easy.

We've also made payments easier – clients can settle bills online via the app, while enjoying flexible options to tip, redeem vouchers, and earn loyalty points.

Interfața aplicației Zoniz pe care angajatul o vede

People making coffee in a coffee shop

Enhance Operations: Boost Your Team’s Performance by Streamlining their Workflow

Equip your team with a user friendly all-in-one tool to increase efficiency and optimize costs.

With Zoniz you can free up your time to focus on what really matters: amazing customer experiences!

What we offer ?


Digital Menu

There are several benefits in having a digital menu. Using a QR code, customers can quickly access the menu on their smartphones and order right away.

You will have the flexibility to update and modify menu items in real-time without the need for reprints. You can also assign a stock to your products so they become automatically unavailable in the menu once they are sold out.


Table ordering

Guests will be able to access the app on iOS, Android or their web browser, making it convenient for them to use it.

Not only will they be able to read the menu, but also place their orders directly, as soon as they have decided. This is a great opportunity to reduce waiting times and to upsell, as your customers will have time to order more.


Online payment

We offer online payment integrations that will allow your guests to pay as soon as they are ready to leave and we also encourage them to leave a tip as well. This feature is often more convenient for the customers, but also helps you get higher turnovers, which in restaurant business translates to higher revenues.



Your customers can enjoy your dishes remotely, through the delivery feature.

You can cater to a broader audience and use this tool to make your own deliveries, saving the extravagant fees you would otherwise have to pay to third-party-apps.


Waiter app

Your staff will have access to their own apps, both for tablet and smartphones that can be used to efficiently manage orders, menu items and reservations.

They will get notifications with the customers requests in real time and they will also be notified by the kitchen or bar when the orders are ready to be served.


Kitchen display

The kitchen display screen can be used by any type of preparation area and as many as your location needs.

The orders will be received as tickets and multiple orders from the same table can be stacked on the same ticket, to help the staff offer the best experience for their guests.



Our app includes a POS system with printer integration, ensuring smooth transactions and efficient order management. When your customer asks for the check, you can print the bill at one push of a button.

This interface also works great for bars, events or food trucks, where you need to enter orders manually and print bills fast.


Stock management

Keep track of your inventory, manage your stock and download reports all in the same place you create your menu and sell your products.

You can control your production costs so you can correctly set your prices and follow your stocks to quickly notice if there are any issues in your production process.



Create a more organized and enjoyable experience for both guests and the restaurant with the reservations feature.

The customers can secure their desired dining time in advance, while your staff can manage their seating directly from their apps. They can even include reservations made through other platforms, to have everything in one place.


Loyalty system

Encourage your guests to visit your restaurant more frequently by rewarding them with discounts or free products.

The build-in mechanism allows for a very easy way to collect points and receive vouchers that customers can add into their payment page of the app by themselves.



Get valuable insights into customer preferences, sales trends, and operational performance, helping you make informed decisions and refine your strategies for sustained growth and success.

Get access to data about loyal guests, how much they spend in your location and how often they visit.

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How it works ?

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Built for all types of food businesses

Zoniz optimizes operations, delights customers, and drives success for every food business.

Dine-In Service Restaurants

Whether you have a bistro, a family style place, a pizzeria or an ethnic cuisine restaurant, Zoniz ensures quick service and exceptional guest experiences.
  • Speedy Orders: Use preparation areas to coordinate your orders between kitchen, bar and other customized areas where you prepare your dishes
  • Irresistible Menus: Showcase your delightful dishes with vibrant visuals and descriptions.
  • Ingredient Tracking: Manage produce freshness and ensure the availability of your raw materials.


Experience the perfect blend of technology and taste with our software tailored for bakeries. Manage orders, sales, and customer relationships effortlessly.
  • Order Management: Keep track of incoming orders and efficiently manage your bakery's workflow.
  • Customer Engagement: Foster loyalty with personalized offers and order history tracking.
  • Inventory Control: Ensure your bakery delights customers with fresh treats by managing ingredients effectively.

Fast Foods

Revolutionize your fast food location with our all-in-one solution, optimizing speed and convenience without compromising on quality.
  • Quick Ordering: Enable customers to place orders swiftly through our user-friendly app.
  • Kitchen Display System: Streamline kitchen operations for efficient order preparation.
  • Menu Management: Easily update and modify your fast food menu to keep customers engaged.

Bars & Breweries

Our software is the perfect blend for bars and breweries, ensuring seamless operations from taps to tables.
  • Tap into Success: Manage your bar's inventory, monitor sales, and optimize your drinks menu.
  • Table QR Ordering: Enhance customer experience with contactless tableside ordering.
  • Real-time Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and popular drinks.

New Restaurants

Maximize the efficiency and success of your new restaurant with Zoniz's comprehensive software suite. From seamless reservations to real-time kitchen coordination, our platform helps you start off on the right foot.
  • Dynamic Digital Menu: Captivate customers with an interactive digital menu, accessed via QR codes, facilitating instant ordering and real-time updates to keep offerings fresh.
  • Effortless Reservations: Manage Reservations and ensure a smooth flow of guests.
  • Efficient Point of Sale: Manage transactions and orders through our integrated POS system, allowing your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service without interruptions.

Coffee Shops

Brew success with our software designed to keep the coffee flowing and customers engaged in a cozy atmosphere.
  • Order on the Go: Enable coffee enthusiasts to order and pay ahead, reducing waiting times.
  • Loyalty Perks: Reward returning customers with loyalty points and special offers.
  • Inventory Optimization: Keep track of coffee beans, pastries, and supplies for uninterrupted service.

Food trucks

Drive your food truck success with our software designed to keep up with your mobile business.
  • On-the-Go Orders: Enable customers to pre-order and pick up their favorite meals without waiting.
  • Location Tracking: Update your real-time location and menu offerings for hungry clients.
  • Payment Flexibility: Accept cashless payments and simplify transactions for quick service.

Food Courts

Manage a diverse food court effortlessly, ensuring each stall operates within a unified ecosystem.
  • Pick Up Orders: Customers can comfortably order from their seat and receive notifications on their phone when their order is ready to pick up.
  • Easy Menu Browsing: Guests can find all the available menus within the same app
  • Streamlined Payments: Simplify the checkout process for customers with integrated payment options.

Chain Restaurants

Experience unmatched consistency and control across multiple locations with our software, connecting the dots of your restaurant chain.
  • Centralized Management: Monitor and manage all your branches from one convenient platform.
  • Menu Standardization: Maintain uniform menus and pricing across your restaurant chain.
  • Data Insights: Gain valuable analytics to make informed decisions for growth.


Elevate guest satisfaction and manage restaurants or partner restaurants for an enjoyable stay at your hotel.
  • Practical Room Service: Use QR Ordering for guests to make room service more convenient to request.
  • Room Orders: Add all orders from both restaurant and room service to the guests’ rooms and bill everything at once when they check out.
  • Integrated experiences: Use our other features for hotels to offer your guests a complete experience through one app.

Case studies

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Why dynamic menus are the future of restaurant ordering

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Streamlining workflow in a restaurant through QR ordering

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