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Everything you need to manage the activity in your restaurant in one single product


Dynamic menu

Update your menu instantly and offer the guest the possibility of ordering directly from their phone

Apps for staff

Your staff will receive notifications in real time and will be able to manage the orders using the waiter app and preparation areas display

Check request and online payment

The guest can choose how they want to pay, having the option of paying online through the app, including leaving tips


Manage stocks, add reception notes, generate sales reports, everything connected to all the other features of the platform


Receive reservations through the app, which you can manage and distribute to tables, together with the reservations made by other means

Marketing campaigns

Create loyalty campaigns, vouchers, photo contests, scratch tickets and other interactive content to attract customers

What we offer?

QR code ordering

  • Mobile & web apps
  • Dynamic menu
  • Table ordering & online payment
  • Delivery & takeout orders

Inventory management

  • POS
  • Stock administration
  • Reception notes
  • Sales reports

Reward programs

  • Loyalty cards
  • Integrated vouchers


  • Waiter app & reservations management
  • Kitchen display & preparation areas

What’s in it for me?


In-app ordering that will help you organise and streamline your workflow for orders and reservations


Turn guests into loyal customers by using the built-in mechanism for vouchers and loyalty cards

More customers

By reducing waiting time, more guests will be able to visit you

Higher revenues

Increase sales by having higher turnovers and using cross-selling functionalities

Events promotion

Spread the word about all the events and special activities you organize

More possibilities

We are continuously working on new functionalities and innovations



75 €

/ month

  • Delivery & Takeout ordering
  • Included services: Menu configuration, Training, Support
  • Use: max 1000 orders / monthly
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100 €

/ month

  • Preparation areas
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Use: max 3000 orders / monthly
Ask for a 15 days Free Trial

200 €

/ month

  • Marketing services specialist / content
  • Unlimited orders
Ask for a 15 days Free Trial
Inventory pack - Extra

50 €

/ month

  • POS
  • Stock administration
  • Reception notes
  • Sales & stocks reports
Ask for a 15 days Free Trial


The restaurant where Zoniz was used the most • 2021


Zoniz users in a single restaurant in 12 months
From which


Users that have returned

"With the help of Zoniz I succeeded in creating a wow experience for the customers and also, to discover an untapped market for new employees. Also, since I’ve been using Zoniz the orders and sales have increased and we have extended with a new location."
-District of Toast - Top Restaurant

Case Studies

How a restaurant doubled their number of orders and revenues using Zoniz

After developing our restaurant features, we implemented them as a pilot project at District Of Toast (DOT) restaurant in Cluj-Napoca. A year later, the project turned out to be a great success.

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Why dynamic menus are the future of restaurant ordering

Recent world events have pushed digital menus to have a sudden increase in popularity. They can be easily accessed by scanning a qr code using the guest’s mobile phone, which makes them safer than the classic printed menus.

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How do I start?

Contact us and we will tell you the first steps to implement Zoniz in your restaurant!