Location Based Platform

Zoniz helps you get in touch with your visitors inside and outside your location by sending them relevant content.

Order Feature

Use Zoniz to better organize your work, reduce waiting times for guests and reduce physical contact with staff. All orders and reservations can be managed from the same account. Customers can use a QR code to read the menu and order in the restaurant.

In the restaurant

Guests can view the menu and order directly from the app whenever they want, with orders added on the same check. They will have to scan a QR code to order, that will let the staff know where the customers table is.

POS Capabilities

Get everything you need with only one product. You can print your bills and get sales reports, connected directly to the ordering system.

Terraces and trucks

With the option of delivery at the counter, customers are notified when they can pick up their order.

Table Reservation

Guests can request a table in advance and receive confirmation directly in the app. You can allocate tables to reservations and manage them from the platform, including by adding those made through other methods.


You can create a separate in-app menu for this type of order with exclusive products, or the same as for ordering in the restaurant. The customers will receive notifications about the status of their order.


You will have access to a web application for managing orders, reservations and stock, and each waiter can have a mobile application to receive real-time notifications related to orders placed at the tables they handle.

QR restaurant ordering

How can I use Zoniz in my restaurant?

Organize your workflow

You can easily manage all orders and reservations from one app

Keep your content in one place

Your restaurant will have its own micro-universe in a community of restaurants in the city

Attract & reward customers

Use loyalty campaigns and vouchers to offer discounts and special offers

Engage your guests

Use scratch cards, photo contests or treasure hunts to interact with your guests in a fun way

Make information easily accessible

Create info or video campaigns for all the important information you want to share and add your events to the calendar

Gather Data

Use polls to get feedback and access statistics for your campaigns

What’s in it for me?


In-app ordering that will help you organize and streamline your ordering and reservations processes


Transform your guests into loyal customers using the integrated mechanisms for vouchers and loyalty cards

More customers

Use interactive content and gamification to increase footfall

Events promotion

Spread the word about all the events and special activities you organize

Know your guests

Learn more about your visitors by analyzing statistics

More possibilities

We are continuously working on new functionalities and innovations

How does it work?

1. Create content

Access a user-friendly content management system and use predefined templates to create engagement campaigns.

2. Reach your customers

Customers will scan a QR code in your restaurant that will take them to your menu. They can order directly from there.

3. Manage orders and reservations

Use a web app and a mobile waiter app to manage all orders and reservations in real time.

4. Analyze audience & statistics

Get real-time statistics with campaign results and audience behavioural data.

Our Partners

We are open to extend Zoniz with new integrations if it allows us to offer you a complete solution for your business.


Ebriza is a cloud-based POS & eCommerce software designed for daring small and medium companies in Horeca, Retail and Services. We’re powering the independent coffeeshop to manage their business, helping out your favourite pizzeria for delivery, gearing retailers to sell online and setting up your dentist for the new business environment. Any merchant can now manage their business by accessing Ebriza anywhere and at any time and from any device.
Founded in 2015 in Romania, Ebriza is currently available in Romania and Hungary.


"I use Zoniz because we are in 2021 and we should embrace technology to create a wow experience for our customers"

"Zoniz improves our workflow and significantly reduces the waiting time of guests. Zoniz is a reliable waiter helper."

"I like the idea of going to a place, sitting at the table and ordering directly, and when the waiter comes he will already bring the ordered products. I also like the fact that I can ask for the bill and pay through the app."

Case Studies

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How we implemented our new restaurant features on the updated Zoniz app

We are constantly working on upgrading our Zoniz platform and we were very eager to test our new restaurant features live. So we have partnered up with District Of Toast (DOT) restaurant in our home city, Cluj-Napoca and released the updated Zoniz app as a pilot project. We have asked DOT customers [...]

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How do I start?

Tell us about your restaurant, send us some photos and we will create a personalized demo for you!