Ordering apps usually give users two options, to order as a guest or to create an app account and order as a registered user. Both options have their own advantages. Ordering as a guest is faster and more convenient for tourists, traveling guests, and people that are in a hurry. Ordering as a registered user is more convenient for returning customers. This is because it allows guests to enjoy loyalty programs, offers and discounts, making it more convenient for them and enhancing their experience inside the restaurant.

Implementing guest ordering

In 2020, we started implementing a QR ordering system in our app, which allowed customers not only to see the menu, but also to place a contactless order or make reservations. The system required the users to be registered to order food or drinks. This was necessary in order for the users to keep their offers and vouchers safe in one place, so they could access them after reinstalling the app or changing their device.
After a few months of implementation, a guest ordering system and a web version of the app were created, which requires no log-in or app download. This allows users to easily access the menu and place a fast order.

Even though the option of ordering as a guest is possible, we still wanted to encourage guests to download the app and log in. Users with an app account help the business gather more data about its most loyal customers, generating statistics and reports in real-time. Given the fact that restaurants receive all the data, it offers them the possibility to create personalized experiences for the customers.

Solutions for app download

Our goal was to encourage users to create an account. This is the reason why we made certain campaigns, offers or products available only for logged-in users. Restaurants gather the necessary data to push their business a bit further and reach out to their customers. Furthermore, customers win a small compensation, which makes it a win-win situation.

Another way in which we encouraged users to download the Zoniz app was by making online payments available only in the app, compared to the web version which allows only physical cash or card payments.

Screenshots of menu in Zoniz on web and mobile versions
Buttons and Promotions that invite users to download the app or login


Our statistics show that during an average month, 38% of the logged-in users have registered through one of the methods mentioned earlier, either to make an online payment or to benefit from the special offers available only for registered users. The data gathered from users with an app account helped our partner businesses to get more insight into their customers and bestsellers, which ultimately helped them strengthen their relationship with the clientele, and get more profit.

We are constantly working on our Zoniz platform to offer features that help restaurants improve their customer loyalty and bring them higher revenues on a long-term basis.