Recent world events have pushed digital menus to have a sudden increase in popularity. They can be easily accessed by scanning a qr code using the guest’s mobile phone, which makes them safer than the classic printed menus.

A lot of restaurants are using QR codes for their menus, but in many cases scanning it just leads to a pdf file, similar to the old printed menu. They are even more difficult to scroll through and read than before. On the other hand, dynamic menus are an interactive version of a restaurant’s food and drinks menu that can be accessed by the guests on their phone. The customers can send their orders directly and the staff will receive the requests on their own end of the platform.

But the advantages of these dynamic menus don’t stop here. The restaurants can modify them instantly and as often as they want, they can include photos for each dish and more informative descriptions,  they are also more environmentally friendly and in the end they can be even more affordable.

Menu Features

The dynamic menus created with Zoniz have a series of features to help optimize the ordering process:

Menu display

  • products displayed by categories
  • jump to category
  • multi-language
  • hide products that are out of stock
  • ad-hoc campaigns to increase sales or reduce waste
  • quick Add to order

Product Ordering

  • preferences
  • options
  • extras
  • recommendations

    Screenhots of menu, product page and recommandations
    Screenshots of the menu in Zoniz app

Restaurant Platform

The restaurant’s menu can be created and managed in the restaurant platform. Everything about the products, including their photos, descriptions, options and even availability can be easily modified at any time and as often as necessary. In addition, the waiters have an app of their own that they can use to manage the orders. Every time a customer orders or asks for the check, the waiter will receive a notification.

This is the natural next step for restaurants in updating their ordering process.  Dynamic menus like the one that Zoniz offers are interactive, up-to-date and intuitive.