Ordering from beach bars and resorts is usually not as simple as ordering in a classic venue. The area where customers sit is very widespread and their options are either to get up from their sunbed and travel the distance on sand to pick up their order or to keep an eye out for a member of the staff to walk by and hope to draw their attention. But with the emergence of digital menus and QR ordering possibilities, new opportunities arise for these types of businesses.

The ordering process

Using Zoniz, the guests can now just scan a simple QR code with their phone, see the menu and order directly from the comfort of their sunbed. The waiters will receive the orders in their own app and bring it to the customer. Not only the waiting time is being reduced, but also the entire process is not much more simple and straightforward. In addition to this, the guest will be more likely to spend more, because the ordering process is so much more comfortable than it used to be.

Screenshots from Zoniz app
The ordering process becomes easier through Zoniz app

Waiters’ workflow

There are a few ways in which waiters can organize themselves and use Zoniz Waiter app to be more efficient. While in traditional restaurants the number of tables is quite limited, in resorts, a single bar/restaurant can handle hundreds of sunbeds. When creating the names for each sunbed in Zoniz, there is the possibility of splitting the area up into zones. Waiters can be assigned to different zones so they can get better organized. There can also be “supervisor” accounts, that receive notifications from all areas. The waiters have the option in their profile to turn notifications on and off by zone.

One of the recent updates on Zoniz  Waiter app is the “claim order” option, that allows the other waiters to see when one of them is already taking care of a certain customer. This is a great way to keep organized even there are more waiters serving the same area. The workflow for waiters is very customizable using Zoniz Waiter app and can be suitable for different types of businesses.

Screenshots from Zoniz Waiter app
Waiters can organize their workflow with Zoniz Waiter app


This new way of ordering and processing orders for resorts and beach bars can improve the experience for the customers. In addition, they can also help the staff more efficient and increase sales for the business. The multilingual feature is really helpful in dealing with tourists, as they can now see the menus in a language they understand.

We have already started implementing Zoniz in seaside resorts and we improved and updated the Zoniz Waiter app to be suitable to these type of businesses’ needs.

Dynamic menus are a very effective tool in helping the ordering process to be faster and better organized. They are the perfect solution for beach bars and resorts.