After developing our restaurant features, we implemented them as a pilot project at District Of Toast (DOT) restaurant in Cluj-Napoca. A year later, the project turned out to be a great success.


We started implementing Zoniz at DOT in July 2020. The first step was integrating the platform with their POS system, Ebriza. We printed Qr codes on stickers for each table, that guests had to scan so they can send their order. The staff had access to an order management app. Zoniz Waiter App would notify them when someone made a new order or asked for the check.

In the first months, Zoniz was presented as an option, while customers were still given printed menus. But as the staff got used to using the new system and they found it much more efficient than the classic way, eventually they only kept the Zoniz menu and started using it exclusively.

Promotions and campaigns

DOT didn’t limit itself at using Zoniz as an ordering system, but also explored other available options on the platform. First, they created a voucher for free coffee, which was a very effective incentive for people to download the app.

The loyalty campaign was available since the beginning and one year later, it is still going strong. For every 5 coffees a customer buys, they receive a voucher for a free coffee. As the customer order through the menu, they automatically receive stamps on their virtual coffee card. One of the improvements we made over time was integrating the vouchers in the menu. Now, the guests can use them by adding them at the end of their order and automatically getting the discount.

DOT also made a poll asking people where they first heard about the restaurant. They offered a voucher for a free soda in return. In the summer of 2021 they created a scratch card, a fun campaign where customers could win all sorts of free products. They also made available a video presentation of the restaurant, a pick-up and delivery menu and also online reservations.

Screenshots from DOT campaigns on Zoniz app
Screenshots of different campaigns DOT made on Zoniz app: scratch ticket, poll and loyalty

Best practices

DOT was a model of best practices in using our Zoniz platform. The were successful in getting more people to download the app by creating a Promo category in their menu where they would offer special prices for products if they were ordered exclusively through the app.

In 2021 we also implemented the possibility of ordering through the app without an account, as a guest user and also through a web page, without having to download the app. We still wanted to incentivize people to download the app and make an account, so the campaigns, voucher systems and special offers are only available to logged in users. 

The waiters encouraged customers to make their order through the app and always kept in contact with us, making suggestions and passing on customer feedback, so we were able to constantly add to our road map. 

Screenshots from DOT campaigns and products on Zoniz
Screenshots of DOT’s voucher campaign, exclusive products for logged in users and exclusive promotions in the app


One year after implementing Zoniz in their restaurant, DOT kept the same number of staff members, but succeeded in opening an additional terrace and their revenues and number of orders doubled.

Their loyal customers can now order in under 2 minutes after arriving at the restaurant. 5000 customers kept Zoniz app installed on their phone after being in the restaurant at least once and their active loyalty campaign has 2500 participants.

Following the success of Zoniz at DOT, we are now working on extending our platform for restaurants to other locations and cities around the continent.