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Flexible Tableside Service

Zoniz POS helps your staff to provide exceptional service with tableside ordering and payments. Servers can take orders, process payments (including EMV or card transactions), and even collect guest feedback directly at the table. This level of efficiency not only speeds up service but also increases table turnover, translating to higher revenues.

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Analytics & Reporting

Take control of your restaurant's performance with our detailed analytics. Access key reports and sales data from anywhere, at any time, through our cloud-based system.

Monitor net sales, labor costs, product mix, and performance over different time periods. These insights will help you make informed decisions to further boost your restaurant's success.

Menu Management

Zoniz POS allows you to master your menu with ease. Make real-time menu updates from any device remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

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Why Choose Zoniz POS?

Efficient Order Management

Simplify order taking and reduce errors with Zoniz POS. Elevate your guests' experience by providing efficient service from order to payment.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Create a positive impression on diners with our user-friendly interface. Zoniz POS empowers servers to provide excellent service.

Customizable Online Ordering

Expand your reach with commission-free online ordering. Serve a broader audience without third-party fees.

Data-driven Insights

Gain valuable insights for business success. Zoniz POS offers analytics to monitor sales, product mix, and costs.

Menu Management

Keep your menu up-to-date effortlessly with real-time modifications from any device. Automatic item countdowns ensure synchronization.

Durable Software

Rely on Zoniz POS for durable, restaurant-grade software that thrives in demanding environments. It's efficient and works on your preferred smart device.

Complete Suite of Tools All-in-One:
From digital menus to reservations, kitchen management to analytics – we've got you covered.

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