Terms and conditions


1.1 Technical support

Zoniz will remedy any deficiencies related to the services connected to the operation of the Zoniz platform within a maximum of 48 hours from the date and time of their reporting. Zoniz can support the Restaurant to implement the content configuration in the Zoniz platform. Zoniz does not take responsibility for the functionalities of the Zoniz app if their proper functioning is interrupted due to poor connection or lack of internet connection in the location of the Restaurant. Also, Zoniz does not take responsibility for problems encountered when using the Zoniz app when they are due to poor functioning of applications or services integrated with Zoniz at the request of the Restaurant (eg Ebriza, online payment system, etc.).

1.2 Data access

The restaurant has access to all user data that interacted with its content and was registered on the Zoniz platform.

1.3 Data protection

The restaurant undertakes to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the rest of the legislation provided by the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data.


2.1 Menu

The offers available for order are provided and managed by the Restaurant. The time frames for orders and pick-up are also set up by the Restaurant. Only registered users will be able to use the order function.

2.2 Managing orders

For order management, the Restaurant will have access to a web platform (for PC / laptop / tablet) - RestBarWaiter and a mobile application that can be used by each waiter (Zoniz Waiter). The restaurant is fully responsible for the preparation and handling of the Customer's order within the indicated time frame or for its delivery.

2.3 Cancellation Policies

Once the order is placed, it cannot be canceled through the app. The customer can call the Restaurant at the phone number provided and the Restaurant can decide if they agree to cancel the order. The Restaurant will be able to decline or cancel an order in case of missing ingredients or major force.

2.4 Payment conditions

Orders can be paid at the location or online directly from the application, after placing the order. The restaurant is fully responsible for order processing.

2.5 Complaints

Any complaints regarding offers or the process of table orders, with pick-up or delivery will be sent to the Restaurant. The restaurant is fully responsible for offers and order execution.


Users will be able to make reservations at the Restaurant through the app. Any reservation made by the User must be confirmed by the Restaurant. The reservation is considered confirmed when the Restaurant communicates the User's confirmation by: notifications via application, telephone, sms or email. A reservation can be refused by the Restaurant in situations that are not limited to: reaching the maximum occupancy of the space; hosting a private event; The restaurant is closed and / or other cases. In this situation the user will be notified about the refusal of the reservation and, if possible, the Restaurant will suggest an alternative.

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