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Configurable Rewards

Customize your loyalty program with ease.

Define and configure prizes that align with your restaurant's offerings. Whether it's a free dessert or a substantial discount, tailor your rewards to delight your customers.

Loyalty feature of Zoniz app

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Easy Point Collection

Our built-in mechanism simplifies the process of collecting points and receiving vouchers.

Customers can accumulate points with each visit and easily redeem their rewards through our user-friendly app.

Customer Rewards and Engagement

Our Loyalty System enhances customer loyalty and engagement, encouraging repeat visits and personalized offers tailored to individual preferences.

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Loyalty Feature

Loyalty Rewards

Encourage guests to visit your restaurant more frequently with our Loyalty Rewards feature. Reward your customers with discounts or free products, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Configurable Rewards

Customize your loyalty program with configurable rewards. Define prizes that resonate with your restaurant's offerings and entice your customers effectively.

Easy Point Collection

Simplify point collection with our built-in mechanism. Customers can effortlessly accumulate points during their visits and easily redeem their rewards through our user-friendly app.

Stamp-Based Loyalty

Utilize a stamp-based loyalty system to keep customers engaged. By scanning QR codes or participating in campaigns, diners can accumulate points and receive valuable prizes, demonstrating your appreciation for their loyalty.

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers with a loyalty program that sparks excitement. The thrill of collecting points and redeeming rewards encourages continued visits, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Loyalty Across Locations

Extend your loyalty program's reach across all your restaurant locations. Whether you have one restaurant or a chain, our Loyalty Feature ensures consistency in rewarding and retaining loyal customers.

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From digital menus to reservations, kitchen management to analytics – we've got you covered.

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