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Key benefits

Order Management

Revolutionize your kitchen operations with our digital kitchen display.

Orders are sent directly from waitstaff or customers to the kitchen, eliminating paper tickets and reducing the risk of errors.

Kitchen Display Zoniz Waiter app interface

New order kitchen display Zoniz Waiter app

Real-time Order Updates

The Kitchen Display ensures that kitchen staff have real-time updates on incoming orders.

This visual system minimizes communication errors and keeps your kitchen running smoothly.

Customized Settings

Our versatile app enables you to find the best setup for each of your preparation areas. Improve your workflow by changing your settings to match your business type. Stack your orders to serve all the customers at the table at the same time, or choose small and fast order tickets for food trucks, where speed is essential.

Kitchen display Zoniz Waiter app interface

Why use a kitchen display system

Improved Guest Satisfaction

Guests experience shorter wait times and higher satisfaction with more efficient order preparation.

Efficient Staff Coordination

Facilitate prompt and accurate order delivery through better coordination between kitchen staff and servers.

Enhanced Accuracy

The visual display reduces miscommunication and errors, improving the overall dining experience.

Eliminate Paper Tickets

Say goodbye to paper tickets, ensuring accurate order receipt and preparation.

Special Requests Handling

Manage special dietary requests and customizations easily, ensuring guest satisfaction.

Reduced Kitchen Errors

Minimize kitchen errors and miscommunication by digitizing the order management process.

Complete Suite of Tools All-in-One:
From digital menus to reservations, kitchen management to analytics – we've got you covered.

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