Proximity Marketing Platform

Zoniz helps you get in touch with your visitors inside and outside your location by sending them relevant content.

What's in it for me?


Turn guests into loyal customers by using the built-in mechanism for vouchers and loyalty cards

More customers

Use interactive content and gamification to increase footfall

Efficient app

Help visitors find all your content in one place by having your own micro-universe inside the app

Events promotion

Spread the word about all the events and special activities you organize

Know your audience

Learn more about your visitors by analyzing statistics

More possibilities

We are continuously working on new functionalities and innovations

Order Feature

Use Zoniz to showcase your menu and allow customers to order through the app.

In the restaurant

Table and Bar Pickup orders can help decrease waiting time and minimize physical contact with staff


Pickup or Delivery orders are customizable so you can organize your workflow

Table Reservation

Customers can request a table in advance and receive the confirmation in the app

How does it work?

1. Create content

Access a user-friendly content management system and use predefined templates to create engagement campaigns.

2. Reach your customers

The mobile app will display content based on the user's location. The content can be triggered by beacons or GPS defined areas.

3. Analyze audience & statistics

Get real-time statistics with campaign results and audience behavioural data.

Case Studies

Loyalty Campaigns in Faroe Islands

Restaurants and other small or medium businesses in Faroe Islands are using Sona app to create and maintain customer loyalty. Sona is a white labeled solution of Zoniz Proximity Platform and it offers a lot of opportunities for engagement campaigns and innovative functionalities [...]

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New order feature for restaurants on Zoniz

We have created a new order feature available on Zoniz platform, as a helpful tool for restaurants to improve their workflow. It is a simple and complete solution for takeaway, table or bar orders and reservations. As safety regulations have changed in the last months for establishments around the [...]

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How do I start?

Tell us about your restaurant, send us some photos and we will create a personalized demo for you!